How We Work

We work with you to find the most cost effective means of delivering the service you need, and one that you are satisfied with.

When it comes to communications, many clients prefer the convenience of email which can be sent at any time of day (often late at night!) knowing that a reply will be received in good time, whilst others may prefer face to face meetings or telephone calls. Whatever your preference it is important for you and for us to be able to communicate in a manner that gets the job done in an efficient, timely and satisfying manner.

Advances in internet technology now allow large documents to be sent and accessed almost instantaneously whether within Australia or on the other side of the world. Computer files can now be sent on disk or memory stick through the mail, emailed (if not too big) or “uploaded to the web”, accessed and worked on in the same day. That being said, the manual cashbook is still popular as it doesn’t “crash” and still works fine when the power goes out. Whatever your preferred technology is we will work with you to get your information to us and processed in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

What About Cost?

The cost of providing a service or advice will generally be determined by the completeness of the information that you provide, the complexity of the work or advice, and the time and resources required to complete the work or provide the advice. If you owned a garage and I asked you to quote on repairing my car, you would first need to determine if I needed new spark plugs or a full engine rebuild. Accounting is no different, so it is usual practice to carefully review the information you present and then provide an estimate of our fee in a Letter of Engagement before proceeding with your assignment. If we commence your work and find out “the clutch and gearbox are shot as well” we will let you know immediately of any expected change to our estimated fee.

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